Body piercings for every placement straight from your Factory

With body piercings, you can wear jewellery anywhere you like from head to toe! Make any part of your body look like a studded work of art with a surface or dermal piercing (or several of them). Show off your stomach with a sexy navel or belly button piercing. If you're looking for a more concealed way to show off your sexuality, consider getting nipple or genital piercings. Your creativity and safety are extremely important for us at Crazy Factory. You can trust that all our piercings are completely safe to use anywhere on your body, and if you want, we even sterilize them for you! Discover our great selection of body piercings and find gems in all shapes and designs. Over 3,000 piercings in countless variations only wait to be discovered by you. Decorate your body in line with your individual ideas and needs with exciting piercings by Crazy Factory.

Back Dimple Piercing

They are essentially dermal anchors strategically placed on the back dimples just above your bum to give you a sexier and more accentuated look.

Collarbone Piercing

Collarbone piercings are made of a pair of curved barbells or dermals inserted just below where your clavicles naturally are. It is a sexy piercing that looks great on men and women, especially if their style is a bit more on the alternative side.

Corset Piercing

Now, you can turn your skin into lingerie by getting a corset piercing!

Dermal Anchor

Dermal anchors get their names from the fact that they have a footed or round base where the ornament is screwed on.

Madison Piercing

The Madison piercing is a sexy and beautiful surface piercing.

Nape Piercing

If you wear your hair up a lot or wear your hair short, the back of your neck could be a great spot to get piercings!

Nipple Piercing

For some, a nipple piercing is their sexy little secret. It's something that makes them feel sexy that isn't too obvious on the surface until it's time to let them out.

Spine Piercing

Made using a single line of dermal anchors, the Spine Piercing is meant to mimic the arrangement of your spinal discs as the transdermal implants run down your back.

Sternum Piercing

If you love showing off your cleavage or wearing low cut shirts, why not show off a little more than skin by getting a sexy sternum piercing?

Vampire Bites

Do you love vampires and want a piercing that can show off your love for them? The vampire bite piercing is the perfect piercing for you!

Wrist Piercing

Surface piercings are popular because of their versatility, you can even pierce your wrist these days too!

Hip Piercing

Composed of one or two surface piercings or dermal anchors in your pelvic region that follow the natural curve of your hips, you'll definitely have people doing double-takes when they see you walking their way. Discover hip piercings

Genital M

Lucky you! With all the piercable areas that the male genitalia offers, you've got more options and more room for creative (and erotic) self-expression.

Genital F

Genital piercings allow you to feel more confident and sexy down there without being too outward or showy.