Order nose piercings online - what do I need to know.

Nose piercings are a classic among piercings, especially for women. And as always: the largest selection of different styles and designs can be found right here. With more than 500 diffferent nose rings, studs and septum clickers you are guaranteed to find the right piercing for you, no matter what's your individual style. Find everything your heart desires right here at Crazy Factory. Skip all middlemen by buying straight from the producer (and save some serious cash), and order high-quality nose piercings at factory prices.


The nose is a great place to get your first piercing if you have been considering it. You can easily make a bold statement, and a nose piercing is flattering on anyone. Plus, nose piercings always look great in selfies! The nose is also rather easy to pierce, and most piercings heal in within months. You can also easily be customized with different types of piercings like your usual nostril or septum piercing or a bolder Austin bar or Rhino piercing! Find the perfect nose stud or ring from a huge selection of affordable piercings available today.


Also known as nose tip piercings, Austin Bars are a rare type of nose piercing.


A high nostril piercing is different from other nose piercings because of its more delicate appearance.


Are you looking for nose piercing that's really out there? Go for an intense piercing with a simple look with the Nasallang piercing.


The Nostril looks amazing on any nose without ever being boring. Some people even wear multiple ones.


Do you want to get a nose piercing that's flashier than a standard nostril piercing but not as intense as a septum piercing? The Rhino Piercing may be what you need!


Are you looking for a more understated but unique nose piercing? You can opt to get a septril piercing (or the nose tip piercing), which is a combination of a septum and a rhino piercing.


The septum piercing has gained popularity over the last few years, mainly because of its versatility and adaptability.