Ear piercings in abundance at Crazy Factory!

New to ear piercings and curation? It can be overwhelming to map out the look that you want for your ear piercings. Fortunately, helix piercings are an easy way to build up your ear setup. You're free to experiment with the placement and number of helix piercings that you want - your creativity is the only limit! For spots that are trickier to pierce like the helix, you will definitely want to get Jewelry that complements your ear shape and won't irritate your skin. Lucky for you, all our Jewelry at Crazy Factory is safe to use and easy to insert! Did you know that we have almost 10,000 different piercings for your ears to choose from? Nowhere else will you find this many different piercings, that's for sure! Totally Crazy: The biggest selection, the hottest prices, the best quality only with your Factory!


They're the perfect ear piercings for someone looking to get something different for their ears and go surprisingly well with other types of piercings on the ear.


Do you want a one-of-a-kind ear piercing that can look subtle but spice up your current ear curation as well? The anti-tragus may be the piercing worth getting.

Daith Piercing

Its unique placement makes a Daith piercing an eye-catching piercing to wear.

Forward Helix

Do you want a more subtle ear piercing that is still unusual and striking? Fret not - the forward helix piercing is the perfect piercing for you!

Helix Piercing

It can be overwhelming to map out the look that you want for your ear piercings. Fortunately, helix piercings are an easy way to build up your ear setup!

Industrial Piercing

For an ear piercing with maximum impact, an industrial piercing is a great option!

Inner Conch Piercing

If you're looking for an ear piercing with an interesting placement but is a bit more on the subtle side, then conch piercings are a great option!

Lobe Piercing

The lobe piercing is the most popular form of piercing for men and women everywhere and dates back to ancient times.

Orbital Piercing

Do you want a new way to wear an ear piercing that perfectly balances striking and sophisticated? Go for an orbital piercing!

Outer Conch Piercing

Outer conch piercings have grown in popularity because of their strong look and versatility. A single hoop wrapping around the side of your ear can give you a unique and eye-catching look, even when it's worn alone. An outer conch piercing can blend flawlessly with a number of ear piercings, too!

Rook Piercing

Looking to try something different with your current look? Go for something unexpected by getting a rook piercing!

Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercings combine both softness and badassery that no other ear piercing can!

Transverse Lobe

The transverse lobe piercing takes the traditional lobe piercing and puts a spin on it (literally)

High Lobe Piercing

Do you want to try something new with your lobe piercings without committing to getting a cartilage piercing yet? If multiple piercings or stretching out your lobe piercings aren't quite your speed, you can opt to an upper lobe or high lobe piercing.

Vertical Industrial

Do you love the edgy and tough look of the industrial piercing but wish it was a bit more versatile? Meet the vertical industrial piercing.