What’s the best piercing type for me?

What’s the best piercing type for me?

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Last update: 10/05/2021

There’s no milestone quite like your first piercing. It can be your introduction to a new world of self-expression and self-love or a great way to change up your current look. Understandably, it can be hard to decide on what piercing is the perfect one for you. There could be a lot of piercings that you might want to get, but which one do you want to get first? And which ones will look most flattering on you? (Small hint: Try out our Piercing Filter on IG )

While it’s tempting to go and get several piercings at once, most piercers will be hesitant to pierce you in multiple places piercings during your first session. Just as much as you need to get to know them, they need to get to know you as well, and how much you can deal with. Based on our experience, we would also advise you to get a single one first, to see how you and your body react to the situation. Moreover, you will notice sooner or later that piercings are a (worthwhile!) commitment and do require a little bit of maintenance. Therefore it’s smart to start with a single one that you are sure to love and that you are willing to take care of. Here are Crazy Factory’s top picks of awesome piercings that you should consider getting.


Belly Button Piercings

We’d like to kick things off with a bit of a classic: the belly button piercing! There is nothing like this timeless placement which has served the piercing world so well since it came on the scene in the 90s. It has managed to endure over time because of its universally flattering placement and its simplicity. Easy to hide if necessary, but nevertheless it’s an instant confidence boost, especially in situations where showing a little tummy is appropriate. There’s a ton of styles and placements to choose from which can even be combined, for example by piercing both the top and the bottom of the BB. All belly button piercings can be found here.

Stretched Lobes for Tunnels, Plugs, Tubes etc

Stretching your lobes is the next logical step if you pierced your ear lobes already - if you haven’t, we seriously suggest you take a look at it. Yep, it’s badass and is sure to make you stick out, but it’s actually also much more reversible than people think. That’s not to say it’s not a commitment or even easy! Stretching your lobes takes months of proper handling and care. But it is oh so worth it! Size-wise there are not limits, we stock sizes up to 50mm, most people go for something around the 10-20mm mark. Take a look at designs over here.

Other Ear Piercings

There is more to the ear than the lobe. If stretching is not your CoT, other ear piercings are just as versatile and stunning to look at, and curating them in matching constellations has been one of the biggest trends in piercings.

Each type of ear piercing is different and will reflect different qualities in a person. If you’re thinking of what to get to start building your own ear curation, go for ear piercings that match your personality. 

Here are a few popular ear piercings and the vibes that their placements give off:

Tragus: With the jewelry placed on that flap of skin in front of your ear canal, tragus piercings have a soft but fierce look. They’re best for people who want a cute and understated piercing that doesn’t look too flashy.

Industrial: This is a bar piercing made with two holes on the ear cartilage which can be worn horizontally, diagonally or vertically. Industrial piercings have an edgy and intense look that’s perfect for people who really want something bold and eye-catching.

Helix: Helix piercings are best for maximalists because they look better when you have more than one piercing adorning the outer cartilage of your ear. Most people tend to layer them for a subtle but creative way to spice up their ear curation.

Daith: Made of a single ring hugging the cartilage of the ear, daith piercings are simply stunning and one of the most requested piercings out there.

While this list is in no way complete, it’s a great starting point if you’re eager to get a beautifully curated ear that’s purely your own. All ear piercings are to be found here.


Nipple Piercings

Nipple piercings are considered to be one of the most erotic and attractive types of body modification. From enhancing the nipple’s appearance (if that's even possible) to the benefits of enhanced stimulation, but also as it's known as one of the initially more painful placements, this piercing style is definitely not for the faint of heart. While nipple piercings do offer sexual benefits for some, some people get them to boost their body confidence too. Piercings are a great way to make different parts of you sparkle, even the parts of you that don’t get seen too often. 

Lip Piercings

Lip piercings let you make a big statement without speaking. The popularity of these piercings comes from the sheer amount of available styles that you can customize to fit your preferences. Next to ear constellations, lip curations are also becoming popular for people to create. If you want something striking to draw attention to your smile, lip piercings are a great way to do that. You can keep things simple with a labret or medusa piercing, take things up a notch with a dahlia piercing or spider bites, or go show off your wild side with canine bites! 

Nose Piercings

Getting a nose piercing works to great enhance your natural features. They’re also a great medium for people who want something showier than a simple ear stud but subtler than a lip piercing. The great thing about nose piercings is that you can make a statement by only having one or a couple of them on your nose. Nostril, septril, and septum piercings are bold but understated nose piercings (especially the septum, as it'S so easy to hide) that look effortlessly cool.


Was this helpful? Did we make your choice a little bit easier? Let us know on social what you think and - most importantly! - what you chose in the end. Whichever one is yours, don’t forget basic maintenance tips and of course to always go to a reputable piercer!

  And then it’s really up to you how to decorate. Thousands of piercing styles await you just a few clicks away for just that, all of which are guaranteed your first piercing look great. Just remember to be creative, remain true to yourself and stay crazy!



What’s the best piercing type for me?

Originally published on May 10, 2021

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