The 10 Best Piercings You Can Have

The 10 Best Piercings You Can Have

The Factory Fave's: we present our team's top ten

Originally published on September 28, 2021

At Crazy Factory, we’re passionate about letting people celebrate their individuality and creativity through piercings. It’s not so much about trends as it is about self-expression and freedom for us. That's why we are trying to offer as wide a range of piercings as possible, but of course some piercings are mor popular than others. Today, we want to talk about a few reasons why that may be.

It’s not really a simple question to answer, but there are piercings that tend to be more versatile and iconic than others for one reason or another. Read on to find out our thoughts on 10 different piercings and why we think they might be right for you. Whether you’re looking for something subdued or striking, you might just end up finding a piercing out that’s perfect for you from the list below: 

Belly Button

Why we love it: If there’s a piercing that you can call a timeless classic, this is it. A belly button piercing simply looks sexy and continues to be a highly requested piercing to this day. Belly button jewelry is also one of our best-sellers, so we have all our navel bling-wearing customers to thank too! Showing off your midriff is already a great way to display your confidence in yourself, adding a belly button piercing just makes it better!


Why we love it: We think helix piercings are like potato chips, you can’t just have one! Any ear curation always looks cooler and more put together with a bunch of helix piercings. Whether you wear them stacked together or have the jewelry spaced out strategically on your helix, you’ll always have an interesting look that will surely grab people’s attention. 


Why we love it:  Tragus piercings are the very definition of understated but eye-catching. The jewelry goes into that flap of skin right before your ear canal so it has a more subtle look without being too bold. Tragus piercings are a nice addition to any ear curation because it can blend well with different ear piercing styles. Did we mention that it doesn’t hurt as much to get your tragus pierced?


Why we love it:  Ear lobe piercings are far from boring. In fact, they’re effortlessly cool! Plus, there are more than a few ways to rock an earlobe piercing. Aside from the typical earrings, this is where most people stretch their ears, so this is your space to get creative and brave. Expand to your hearts content, then insert tunnels, tubes and plugs with various designs and quality materials - all can be gotten here of course! If you prefer to go a bit more "traditional", that's no problem either! You can stack your piercings vertically on top of each other, or create a stunning curated row along the ridge of the lobe. Or, you can turn it the other way and wear a horizontal lobe piercing if you want a more edgy look.


Why we love it: We think a septum piercing is great if you want a single piercing that will really make a statement. Also, septum piercings look good regardless of your nose’s shape or height so pretty much anyone can pull them off. Oh, and they’re easy to hide too. Just flip them over into your nostrils and everyone is none the wiser. 


Why we love it:  Eyebrows frame and highlight your natural features, especially if they’ve been shaped and groomed. If your brows are already always on point, why not draw even more attention to them with a well-placed piercing? Eyebrow piercings are another classic piercing that can be worn in a number of styles. It will certainly make a big statement because of the prominent placement on your face. If you want to change up your usual look with just one versatile piercing, this is one worth getting. 


Why we love it: A nipple piercing can be your badge of honor or your sexy little secret. There’s no wrong way to wear it in our eyes, and we think it’s a stunning piercing that’s suitable for everyone. They can enhance the look of your nipples and can also provide some hot benefits if you’re trying to boost your sex appeal. Plus, there’s so much cute piercing jewelry now that you’re not stuck wearing the usual nipple rings anymore!


Why we love it: If you want a fun piercing that isn’t ostentatious, a tongue piercing is one of your best options. We also think tongue piercings have a lot of sex appeal, especially because it’s hidden until you decide to show it off. If you want a pretty unconventional way of wearing your personality with a piercing, this can be your fun little surprise!

Genital Piercings

Why we love it:  Genital piercings take the term crown jewels to a whole new level. They’re popular for a number of reasons, but we like them because of how deeply personal and aesthetically appealing they are. A genital piercing can make you feel more confident in your body and sexuality, and it can surely heat things up in the bedroom too. So if you’ve got a wild side or simply want to explore your own self more, this is a great piercing to get!


Why we love it: Lip piercings can light up any smile and make a face sparkle, but they can be too much for some people. However, a labret piercing manages to be eye-catching while being subtle at the same time, mostly because it’s worn on the lower lip. The placement takes its intensity down a notch without ruining its allure. We think that’s why labret piercings would suit more people’s tastes, including yours. It’s a bold enough look that’s still approachable and not intimidating at all. 

So these are just some of the piercings that we love at Crazy Factory and why we think they’ll work for a lot of people. Now that you have a better idea of what piercing you might like to get, remember that you don’t have to follow trends and you’re totally free to get other kinds of piercings that aren’t on this list. These are just our humble suggestions, after all.

If you happen to be looking for some cool jewelry to go with those piercings, check out our selection. We have thousands of piercing styles available in our online catalog!

The 10 Best Piercings You Can Have

Originally published on September 28, 2021

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