Together towards a more sustainable world - because we care like Crazy!

At Crazy Factory, we take our individual responsibility for the environment and the future of all of us very seriously, and have been implementing pioneering environmental programmes for years. We are committed to taking responsibility for our products and our customers and employees. In doing so, we are constantly establishing innovative, more sustainable methods for manufacturing, transporting and packaging our products and supply chains.

Saving resources by mail

Did you know that 3 billion trees are cut down every year in order to make paper for packaging? That means vast areas of forests, some of them hundreds of years old, are destroyed to make cardboard packages for shipping.

We believe that packaging must be small, environmentally as well as resource-friendly, to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. We all know the feeling: you order a little something online and the friendly postman delivers a huge package that is almost empty - which ends up in the trash or, at best, in the recycling bin. This means that a lot of unnecessary pollutants and waste are produced during packaging and transport. That's the reason why we only use the good old "snail mail". Perhaps you have already wondered or even been suprised that we don't offer parcel tracking? Of course, such a shipping process is less convenient, but on the other hand, we make an important contribution to environmental protection with our (unfortunately untrackable) letter mail items. We stand behind our motto: No tracking? No unnecessary waste!

Biodegradable packaging

Not a fan of plastic bags? Neither are we. We ARE fans of alternatives though, since every online shop needs a packaging option. That's why we already use biodegradable plastic bags made of plant fibres and manioc for many of our parcels. These are made of purely biological materials and decompose within a few months without leaving any harmful residues, e.g. on your compost heap.

Raw material friendly production

Our production facilities and headquarters naturally meet the highest environmental standards. Our energy needs are almost completely covered by large-scale solar systems on our roof. Additionally, we are especially commited to an environmentally friendly product and its production. We only use processes which do not release any harmful chemicals or toxins. Furthermore, we are strictly committed to using only sustainable resources for all our organic products. For example, we only use wood from renewable, sustainable and certified cultivation.

Fair employee responsibility

We at Crazy Factory are convinced that a positive future also depends on a positive working environment. We must not only consider the future of our planet, but also the future and responsibility for our employees. We constantly promote environmental awareness among our employees and, at the same time, face up to our obligations towards them. For example, through above-average wages, a pleasant working environment, equal gender rights and the promotion of diversity and difference. For all our employees and customers: Just be who you are!

Our goal for the future: Climate positive!

Of course, sustainability is not always easy and we are still a long way from reaching our big goal: To become climate positive. Because we are committed to not only offsetting our CO2 emissions in the future, but to sequestering more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than we emit. Our goals are ambitious, but we are working a little bit at a time, day by day, towards a better future. The change is now!