Face Piercings by Crazy Factory

Enhance your appearance and add a lot of sex appeal with some jewellery on your face! Face piercings are great options if you want to complement and emphasize your unique facial features. Maybe you want to draw attention to your lips, show off your sculpted brows, or showcase how nice your complexion is. A face piercing will do all that and more! You might even find yourself liking a facial feature that you didn't use to like after getting it pierced, too! Whether you're going for body confidence or acceptance, a face piercing or two is a great option for you! Face piercings are infinitely diverse, be it piercing rings, labrets, barbells or even dermal anchors - you will find your perfect match. Browse, discover and grab the best of the best.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing

The anti-eyebrow piercing is essentially just a surface piercing on your cheekbone.

Bridge Piercing ("Erl")

If you're looking for a nose piercing that's a little more off the beaten path, the bridge piercing may just be the piercing you're looking for!

Central Eyebrow Piercing

Central eyebrow piercings, for example, are still quite unusual and look very cool.

Cheek Dermal Piercing

If you've always liked the look of a beauty mark on your cheekbone, you can get the badass version with this piercing!

Crows Feet

While Crows Feet Piercings won't necessarily make you look older, they will give you a cooler and tougher look!

Dimple Piercing

Sad that you don't have dimples? Don't feel bad! You can now emulate the soft and cute look of having them with a pair of cheek piercings, also aptly called dimple piercings.

Eyelid piercing

Eyelid piercings (yes, they exist) are the most extreme that any piercing can get.

Horizontal Eyebrow

The Horizontal Eyebrow is set next to the natural eyebrow line and can be spiced up with different attachments.

Teardrop Piercing

This surface piercing swaps out a barbell for a sleeker dermal anchor so you can change up your whole look and still look cute. Dermal anchors are also more secure and are easier to customize with any gem you like!

Third Eye ("Bindi")

Also sometimes called a unicorn piercing, a third eye piercing is a surface piercing done vertically on the middle of your forehead.

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

Vertical eyebrow piercings have become a classic style of piercing because of their simplicity and timelessness.