Collect, shop, save: Every time you shop at the Factory, Crazy Cash Points for up to 5 percent of the value purchased will be credited to your account. You can redeem these points with your next order, so they're actually like a little extra cash in your pocket. Or save them for later and until then, keep collecting more. But please don't forget: Crazy Cash Points have a limited period of validity of 6 months after the date they were credited and will completely expire thereafter. Ten Crazy Cash Points are equivalent to 10 cent, so 500 points mean you can save $5 on your next order.

Here's how to collect Crazy Cash Points faster than you might think:

Read the newsletter

Read and collect! You'll regularly find games, specials and giveaways in our email newsletter, where you can grab Crazy Cash Points. So don't forget to check your emails and get involved to save on your next order.

Crazy Cash Point specials

Contests, polls, and season specials: There are plenty of opportunities to collect extra points outside of reading our emails and placing orders. We have all sorts of contests, specials and questionnaires on our web site and of course on our social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram. The most important part here is to have fun - but you'll also be able to collect Crazy Cash Points. Keep your eyes peeled, take part, and collect Crazy Cash Points.

How to redeem Crazy Cash Points

Crazy Cash Points can only be redeemed by completing an order. In the penultimate step under "Review Order" you will find an overview of the points collected on your account. This is where to enter your Crazy Cash Points to get the corresponding amount deducted from your order total. You can view your total points at any time under "My Account > My Crazy Cash Points & Vouchers". This is also where you'd enter voucher codes to collect Crazy Cash Points.

Any questions?

Check our FAQ for answers to the most frequent questions.